Decision No. 2139/QD-TTg of December 05, 2011, approve the national strategy for climate change

Decree No. 73/2011/ND-CP of August 24, 2011, defining handling of administrative violations on economical and efficient use of energy

Decree No. 21/2011/ND-CP of March 29, 2011, detailing the law on economical and efficient use of energy and measures for its implementation

Law on Economical and Efficient use of energy

Activities of Haiphong Energy Conservation and Cleaner production Center associated with green growth and sustainable development
Green economy is an economy that improve people' lives and social assets, as well as minimize environmental hazards and resource scarcity.
Current status and solutions for renewable energy development in Vietnam
Fossil energy source in our country is gradually declining due to limited reserves. However, demand is growing, it is accompanied by the consumption of energy that is causing serious environmental pollution. Meanwhile, Vietnam is one of countries possessing the huge potential of renewable energy.
Technology for exploiting renewable energy in isolated areas
Renewable energy is characterized by widespread distribution. A large number of resources was available in the remote areas and islands ..... Therefore, it has advantages of providing energy for isolated regions which is far from national grids, and taking advantages of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, etc. The technologies for exploiting renewable energy are very diverse with many sizes depending on the potential and specific needs.
The results on professional activities of Haiphong Energy conservation and Cleaner production Center in 2013
The results on professional activities of Haiphong Energy conservation and Cleaner production Center in 2013
Energy Management System - ISO 50001:2011 and guidance for implement
In recent years, energy issues are becoming worldwide attention. Besides, renewable energy is developing and popularizing, Using and managing energy efficiently are the trend of all sectors.
The benefits of applying Energy Management System - ISO 50001
Most organizations and businesses are currently considering energy efficiency as an important measure of their production and business activities. Saving energy means reducing costs for increasing profits. But, the measures which focus on propaganda can make changes.
Helping Alaska Native Communities Reduce Their Energy Costs
The Energy Department is helping Alaska Native communities reduce their energy costs by investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades
Windfarm operator offers homeowners compensation for building turbines
Under RES scheme, homeowners will receive discounts on their energy bills as compensation for having windfarms built nearby
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Vietnam yet to have standards for green buildings
Vietnam still has no standard available to assess green buildings in urban areas and high-rise constructions, said the Vietnam Architects Association.
Electricity prices for 2012 unveiled
Electricity prices are expected to increase by 4.6 percent in 2012, Minister of Finance Vuong Dinh Hue told the National Assembly on November 24.
Project: “Promoting Industrial Energy Efficiency through System Optimisation and Energy Management Standards in Vietnam”
The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam aims to promote industrial energy efficiency through steam and compressed air system optimization and adoption of energy management standards - ISO 50,001 with technical assistance from the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation – UNIDO and financial grant from the Global Environment Fund (GEF).
Four groups of devices and equipment must be energy labeled
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung issued Decision No 51/2011/QD-TTg dated Sep 12th 2011 specifying the list of devices and equipment subject to energy labeling and minimum energy productivity.

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